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Another Creation Story by JoAnn

Another Creation Story by JoAnn

Another Creation Story

by JoAnn

After all the animals were created, God made man out of the clay of the earth and Adam named them all. After all that, he was exhausted and at that point God said, "I think he needs help and he needs humor in his life. He's so depressed, so God formed a woman pleasing to sight out of the clay also for though she were to love man, she also should be an independent human who will share the responsibilitiesi, creation, tioling and nourishing with Adam.

Adan and Eve were overjoyed with each other, life and the earth. Wehn Adam saw Eve, he said, "Wow! Thanks, God. She's just what I need!"

God told them they could use anything in the Garden except the Tree of Life and to watch out fo Satan because "He's a Shister."

Satan came in to talk to Adam and Eve. He was dressed in a Black Tuxedo and tie. His hair was slicked back like Elvis. He told them all the down falls of eating fruit from the Tree of Life, (the causes), and he said, "You will see both sides of every situation (duality)." God thinks everything has to be His way (oneness) and you guys deserve to make your own choices and live with the consequences. That's the way you'll learn the most!"

Well, You know the rest!

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