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Feminine Aspects of the Divine


(3rd Revision March 2012)

By Rev. Jan Chase

Beneath and within all She flows like purifying waters,
Moving energy as emotions, helping the world feel,
Sweeping away the pangs of childbirth,
Weeping away the pain of loss and the anxiety of the forever changing.

Watering new growth of life and love,
The Divine Feminine weaves her way through cultures and religions,
Sometimes hidden, unbidden in the patriarchal scheme,
Sometimes honored as the Mother of All, even Goddess,
As She flows openly through men and women alike,
Intuitively gathering the tribe to her life-giving nourishment.

Judaism hides her in the nourishing breast, the mount of El Shaddai,
In the Weh of YahWeh, in Shekina and in sister Wisdom
among other names.

Hindu Shakti, Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati
Only begin the naming of the goddess forms honored from ancient India.
While Quan Yin appears as the feminine face of compassion for Buddhist.

Mother Mary comforts Catholics and many other Christians,
While the Holy Spirit of the Divine Trinity
May be seen as the illusive flow of She active in the world of Protestants.

The world of Islam hides her face as body prayer and surrendering grace,
As separate but equal gender roles
And honoring mothers at least three-fold.

Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon bring balance to
Father Sky and the masculine Sun for many Native peoples who honor “All my Relations.”
Slow, soft, yielding, dark and feminine Yin embraces its polar opposite Yang:
In the nature of the Tao, they include each other equally and arise from each other naturally.

Through other religious mountains she rolls
Usually untitled, sometimes known as love or compassion or the rule Golden.

In New Thought She takes more visible form;
Women founders and leaders have always welcomed women ministers;
Mother God is no stranger to the ears of Truth Students, as long as Father is mentioned too.
The illusive, creative and intuitive Divine Feminine is honored within each person
And throughout all creation and yet…still She is often but a whisper, an afterthought-
not a proclamation.

Wherever She flows, hidden or bidden,
The waters of new birth within and without burst forth and new beings radiate the landscape;
Washed clean of ancient or recent impurities, they raise the consciousness of the world.

Bible Stories Explored and Rewritten.

As our Friday 3 pm Bible Study Class explores the stories of the Hebrew Bible (The Old Testament), we look at various translations, metaphysical interpretations and possible meanings of the stories for our lives.  We even look at other Jewish and Islamic perspectives on these stories. Then when we feel guided, we rewrite the stories in ways that make sense to us, a process similar to Jewish Midrashim (the plural for Midrash.) The following blogs are stories written by various members of our class as they grapple for deeper and deeper meaning from these ancient stories for themselves and for the world. The guidance of Spirit is evident in many.
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