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My Passover Odyssey by Ruth Broyde Sharone

My Passover Odyssey by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Ruth Broyde Sharone, who brought us the film "God and Allha Need to Talk" and filmed our Interfaith Seder at the Islamic Center of Claremont held April 17, has written an account of her spiritual odyssey filming Seders which was published in the "L.A. Progressive. "Please check out the link below to see an example of the many creative ways people can come together to build peace across the world and to see where one person's vision can lead . This acticle includes information about the recent Universal Freedom Seder held on May 14, 2011 which was attended by some 250 guests including Sheriff Lee Baca and representatives of twelve non-Abrahamic faiths. Mazel tov to Ruth!

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1. Hanna wrote:
I felt very angry at this and I am trying hard to firuge out why. i think what struck me most at first is that it is trite. It is as if they have been trying to firuge out what it was they imagine women want to hear and then saying it. They are presenting themselves as having overcome and transcended the attitudes of the past and that they are no longer locked within that history. I cannot see how this is so. In the first place, they are talking about women in relationship with men, not women living their own lives and having full autonomy. And I mistrust viscerally talk about "energies" for that denies the physicality of being human and having desire. When people talk of the "divine feminine" I simply do not know what they mean. Are they talking about Shakti, the Morrigan, Kali, Durga, Ereshkigal, Hecate, the Furies, Inanna? It does not seem so. They are simply apotheosising a fantasy set of traits that ignore the messiness of being human. Does their divine feminine bleed, shit or piss? Does she fear? And is she sometimes fucking angry? Does she have an active desire of her own which may not necessarily be beautiful, gentle and "feminine"Their "divine feminine" seems to be no more than a continuation of male fantasy. It is not autonomous but is referred to only as the partner of some notional "divine masculinity". And as for the serene and calm voices of the men and the anodyne music that accompanied it, I am afraid that my reaction as a Goddess-loving man was a strong and violent urge to demand some acknowledgement that somewhere, lurking deep within their psyches, was not the same urge to dominate and suppress that they so wish to persuade others is no longer there. I do not believe them.It is all very similar in tone to much of the poetry of Elizabethan times and later, in which the mistress is idealised but,ultimately, viewed only as a receptacle for male lust, subservient to male expectations. Not human.I am a man, with complex drives and emotions that are my own. Some are not pretty and I try to moderate them but do not, alas, always succeed. I do not expect women to be any different. I will post this comment without going back to edit or censor. I was, and still am, angry at this bullshit and do not care to hide it

Sat, October 13, 2012 @ 11:56 PM

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