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Pomona Valley Unity and Diversity Council Discusses Ways to Deal with Violence

Pomona Valley Unity and Diversity Council Discusses Ways to Deal with Violence

Unity and Diversity Interfaith Council in the Pomona Valley Discusses, "What is Ours to Do around the Mass Violence in our Public Places?"

On January 13 at 3 pm a number of people came together to look at the violence around us and to find possible answers to the questions around why is it so pervasive and what is ours to do locally and nationally, physically and prayerfully.

Although this list is not comprehensive or particually organized, it is a good start at looking the problem.

1. Education about the issues including: Constitutional Rights and Individual Rights

2. Gun Legislation (Federal and State and Local) Locks on Guns, Gunshows (Economic Issue), Background Checks. Assault Rifles/ Ammunition/ Magazine Size

(Regional Contacts: LA Chief of Police, Mike Ingram- retired Upland Policeman, Others? Other city police, mayors, etc.  Friends neighbors in law enforcement.)

a. Gun Safety Issues

1) gun for protection 22 times more likely to kill or injure loved one than invader.

2) guns used for suicide by family members

3) guns used for domestic violence

4) guns played with by children kill others accidently

5) shoot family without knowing out of fear

b. Comparison with countries with more restrictions on guns

1) England: 35 deaths/year vs 1100 in US (Country unamiously passed legislation after school shooting)

2) Canada:

3) Australia:

3. Hearth Math Training – Compassion training

4. Divine Feminine Aspects and Values come forth

5. Local Action:

a. Gun Collections

b. Restrict local Gun shows, i.e. Fairplex

c. Write to Walmart Campaign about gun sales

d. Gun-Free Schools/ cities/ etc.

6. Mental Health Aspects addressed

a. Help available for families and people in need. (Even restrictions for threatening people)

b. Why are jails now our best Mental Health facilities?

c. Support and Strengthen Families

7. Learn interconnectedness through education

Values/ perspectives/ Youth/ families/ antibullying

8. Shifting from Culture of FEAR/VIOLENCE

Mirror – own healing; be present/ listening to real and own fear and deal with it.

Carrying a Presence of protection like Peace Pilgrim

9. Follow up?

a. Possibly with University of LaVerne

b. Monthly meetings here or at other meeting places

c. Invite speakers in to address these various topics

10. Deal with Military Culture of violent games, movies, tv

Encourage bee spray or easy off instead of guns for protection

Release wild west mentality

11. Spirituality & Morality needs to replace void after religion is removed from public sphere.

12. Write petitions, Biden, etc.

Although we have not solved the problem, discussing it brings a greater awareness to each of us about what is happening, what we want and what we can do. It is my hope that others will discuss this in greater and greater depth and will join our discussions. As our conscious awareness grows, so does our ability to deal this challenge.

Please let me know if you want to be involved!

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