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The Story of Creation by Julie Yoast

The Story of Creation by Julie Yoast

The Story of Creation

By Julie Yoast


Spirit first created the earth and populated it with beautiful creatures, plants and bodies of water. Spirit had so much love to express that she choose to create a woman and a man to share this Divine gift. The two humans were her love in expression. They were to come together and form a bond of oneness and unity with each other, the animals and the earth.

The two humans discovered many plant forms to feed themselves with while playing with the wild animals. There was no fear between the two because there was such a respect for the gift of life that they intuitively knew how to honor Spirits love for them.

Woman and man were given free will and the care of the earth and its creatures. For many, many years this was enough to occupy them and cause them much delight as they discovered each other and the large variety of plants and animals. One day woman and man had a discussion about food. They became tired of the same food over and over, they wanted variety. They started to notice the animals and imagined how they would taste. They became self-absorbed and forgot about their love and respect for the creatures. They made the decision together to kill an animal and eat it.

Their action of killing a creature of Spirits set in motion violence among the earth. The Woman and man discovered shame from the act of eating an animal that was put in their care. Through this experience they learned about free will, love and disrespect, and about Unity and division in their hearts from their creator and from each other.

Spirit knew that everything she had created was good. That her humans would always know inside their hearts about her while having a shadow side of themselves. This shadow side came from the free will they were given and how they chose to express this gift.

From then on before souls were put into body form, they decided with Spirit about what their lessons were to be while living on earth. These lessons were to remind them of the pure Unity they share with all life and with Spirit.




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1. Yoshihito wrote:
That looks interesting, we'll see what deveolps. It would be good to see others from outside the ICOC that have been outspoken on unity add their profiles and voices. I plan on adding mine.Two things are missing that will make this more successful, I think. 1 RSS feeds. 2 Allowing comments and dialog on articles.Mark I can relate to this. Here in Columbus, the COC's have an occasional gathering (the 5th Sunday evening, when there is one) for singing and prayer. I've been intending to go to one for about a year now, but have never made it. Since the wife and kids are arriving home from camp this Saturday evening, I likely will spend my Sunday with them so I won't make it to this one either.

Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 10:22 AM

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