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Unity of Pomona Participates in A Christmas Miracle by Jennifer Derry

Unity of Pomona Participates in A Christmas Miracle by Jennifer Derry

Unity of Pomona Participates in A Christmas Miracle

by Jennifer Derry

I want to thank the members of the Unity of Pomona Church for their generous surprise donations which enabled me to regain my hearing at two sessions at the local Urgent Care Facility.

It was just enough money-I arrived at the facility with a blank check made out to that particular Urgent Care and a letter from Jan Chase, the minister, explaining my situation. They accepted the check, gave me a discount on the procedure and had me come back for a second treatment at no extra charge. The whole experience was a miracle!

I have lived with a almost non-functoinal left ear clogged up since I had a sinus infection last February. The naturopathic doctor that I went to at first gave me good advice, but it didn't clear up the problem very much. My hearing in my right ear finally went out in Mid-December and I could hear almost nothing for three days. It was terriifying and traumatic, to say the least, to watch my friends' and coworkers' lips move but not be able to understand what they were saying. Singing in the choir at church that Sunday was not a possible option-I could vaguely hear the music, but couldn't follow the choir director's verbal instructions. I left the service before the minister's sermon when I realized I could see her lips move, but not hear what she was saying.

I had to wait for my next paycheck in order to go to Urgent Care(the health insurance from my new job has not kicked in yet as I am still on probation). I would have had to live with no appreciable hearing for another week, while continuing my job and helping out at a retail store over Christmas. I had a very impacted set of ears and the staff at the Urgent care facility worked very hard to reverse the situation on two different evenings for three hours each tme. I may have to go to a specialist on ears, but it's a "wait and see" situation. In the meantime, I can hear the birds sing, my friends and co-workers talk, hear music on my CD player with headphones and listen to the radio during my commute to work without having to turn the volume up to a car-shaking level.

Thanks to everyone who surprised me from my church with this early and miraculous Christmas present, I can hear again. I have more faith in prayer requests, which I submitted to the head of the church prayer team before I left church on that non-hearing Sunday and also to Silent Unity!


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